Who is Honey Bee?

These are the musings of a girl gone a little bit wild….about to hit 40, in the midst of transition, and in places I never thought I’d be. I see the world around me now so much differently than I ever dreamed possible. God’s presence – His Voice, His beckoning call, His overwhelming love, His immense grace – welling up from both within and around me, pulling me towards Him and pushing me to others all at the same time. Sometimes I sense the urge to write about what I see. Sometimes I don’t. This blog is for when I do.

So who am I…who is Honey Bee? I am a wife, a poet, a writer, a student, an employee, a boss, a dietitian, a culinary doodler, a sketcher, a hiker, a walker, an admirer of creation, a friend of the friendless, and a mother to a child in Heaven. Yet my true identity is found in none of these roles but only as a lover of Jesus Christ.

It began in January of 2010, at least that’s when I first perceived it. My whole world started to shift. I would never see it the same way ever again. I began a journey I was already on though I didn’t know it – an unexpected journey that would change me in ways I could not have anticipated.

Finding out on New Year’s Eve 2009 that I had a “missed miscarriage” and was carrying my dead child in my womb, I began the painful descent of day by day waiting for my body to birth all that was left of her. Then, one day a few weeks later, in an excruciating 12 hours, it was over – yet it was only the beginning. My body began to change, my mind started to absorb new things and think new thoughts, and my heart started to beat as if for the first time, while my soul fluttered within me. God was doing a new thing. He was breathing Life back into the dead bones of my existence. The Ruach of God was hovering over me in a very palpable way, creating a chain reaction of events leading me to this very place, here and now, and with more to come. Here, on this site, I will share with you my journey, my heart, my love…my life…and I hope, in turn, you will dare to share yours as well.

Much love to you!

Honey Bee


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